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The Brain Behind BYT

My name is Shehla Mahboob, and I'm your Operational Coach

Is cost efficiency important to you?

Well it was to me.. Thats why,

after 10+ years in the business industry and countless hours spent assisting others with their operational systems I felt it was time to alter direction and focus on my passion independently. Coupling my experience and my educational background with a Masters in business management  I created systematic plans for all my clients needs while offering streamlined templates to assist with the daily drucker of operational management. 

At BYT I offer a ramp up process thats designed to empower your business and outfit you with the tools needed to succeed.

All provided at prices everyone can afford.

My Approach

Lets establish a relationship so that I can implement proper strategic planning, problem solving, and skill building. 

Not interested? Thats okay, my services include comprehensive consultations, private sessions, and yes, self-guided templates that cater to all budgets, needs, and yes the introverts.

Making sure that no client is left behind when it comes to identifying gaps and opportunities in your business. 

BYT consulting is a new wave operational consulting firm that allows each client to choose their path to success, on their own terms.

Do you need thorough one on one, self paced developmental coaching?

Lets talk..

Not interested, thats okay gone are the days where independent study could not be completed by a client.

Self lead resources are now available.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Why BYT?

Business mentors are key, but the right mentor will set you apart from the rest. Which is why I offer an array of products and services designed to empower your business. 

We build on your terms.

Whether you're seeking a strategic alliance with a proper specialist, or a special skillset or tool, BYT is here to help each step of the way.

Together we can create, refine, and perfect your plan for success. 

*Self lead products also available upon request*


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